Miyoshi Rug is a brand of rug mats that are hand-crafted by artisans one by one at a factory in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture.
Each pattern is hand-crafted by hand one at a time using a method called hooking, like drawing on a canvas. Although rugs that are produced using fully-automated hooking machines have also become popular, the manually-hooked mats have unique properties that can only be produced by hand, such as the reproduction of delicate and subtle patterns.
In the past, there were many hooking mat factories around Miyoshi City, but now the number of artisans has dwindled, and there are only a few remaining in Japan.
To preserve such a traditional technique, we hope that the Japan-made hand-crafted hooked rugs could somewhat spread through the concept of "protecting traditional crafts through art and fashion".
三好敷物は徳島県三好市の工場で熟練の職人 が1点ずつ手作業で作成したラグマットです。
We want to propose new ways to enjoy rug mats, such as by "hanging one on the wall like a painting or artwork".
The top of the mat is equipped with a removable stick for hanging the rug on the wall. It can be used as a wall decoration with the stick attached or a floor decoration without it.
We hope you can add colors to your room by hanging our product on the wall like a painting that you can enjoy or laying it on the floor.
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Through this product, we sincerely hope for your support for MIYOSHI RUG.
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